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Hey, I’m Alicia Orre, your modern lifestyle business mentor.

And, I know that you can have a profitable, streamlined business that perfectly fits your life.

You’re a big-hearted business owner. Hard-wired to serve and driven to succeed. You work hard, learn incessantly, and take your responsibilities seriously.

Serving others is your passion. You’re determined to make an impact and your business a success.

You also want a LIFE!

  • To rock a thriving business without sacrificing everything else in the process? Your friends, family, kids, social life, income, sleep, wellbeing…
  • A steady stream of clients and reliable income so that you can plan ahead more than one month out?
  • Vacations and flexible working hours that don’t impact your income?
  • To fulfil your purpose and feel like you’re actually making a difference in the world?
  • Free time, to enjoy however you want?

You thought your business would bring with it the ultimate freedom to work how you want, when you want, earn what you want, doing what you love with perfect-match clients.

But while you’re working every single hour you have, you’re left wondering whether that’s just FANTASY.

I can tell you that it’s NOT fantasy.
This is what it means to have a modern business.

As Seen In
As Seen In

Y’see, I’ve discovered a different approach to business building.

I run my business from my laptop helping modern entrepreneurs grow profitable, streamlined businesses they love that supports the lifestyle they want to live. And, I work just 30 hours a week.

I mix online technology plus modern marketing and sales strategies with trusted business systems. To me there’s nothing sexier than helping entrepreneurs like you confidently take action that will achieve big results for your business and life.

Seeing my clients achieve waaaay beyond anything they thought was possible is the biggest bonus I could wish for.

I believe, In a modern business, you come first. The traditional, conventional way of working is outdated. What’s the point of working your tail off if you miss your children growing up and can’t go on holiday?

No crazy hours or 52/7 working. Instead, a healthy business that supports you while giving you time to enjoy a life outside of it.

I always strive to lead by example. I now know from personal experience and the results I get with my clients that we have a choice. You can continue to follow outdated conventional business models, or take the modern path…

  • Choose who you work with, when and what you deliver (plus how much you earn)
  • Adopt modern technology and marketing techniques for smarter (not harder) working
  • Exercise your right to live and work in a way that makes you happy
  • Make a positive impact on you, your family, your clients, and the world

How do I know?
(AKA My journey to here)

Once upon a time I was employed in London by some of the smartest, most admired leaders in their field. Assisting multi-award winning business owners in media, TV and tech PR, managing their hectic business and personal lives.

I often tasked myself to set up new systems to bring flow and structure where there previously wasn’t any.

I’d see a problem then find a fix. When colleagues claimed ‘but we’ve never done it that way’ it made me more determined to find a better solution.

Creating efficient systems from chaos tapped directly into my natural organisational skills, insatiable curiosity, problem solving ability and respect for simplicity.

I loved it. It was challenging and rewarding yet I always felt I was destined for more. I wanted to develop my entrepreneurial streak by doing my own thing.

But first I wanted kiddies.

Only, the Universe had other ideas…

In 2009, after several failed pregnancies and the death of my dad, I was parentless, childless, and feeling utterly untethered.

I questioned my place in the world. If I couldn’t have children, then what? Yes it was a billion-times-shit but I wasn’t gonna cry forever about it. I needed a plan B – something that fulfilled me. And, my journey to discover my purpose begun.

I’d see a problem then find a fix

So, I took a leap of faith, left the security of my 9-5, and set up on my own as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

I combined my 15 years of work experience with my natural skillset and offered my services to support entrepreneurs while they grew their businesses (so that they wouldn’t go nuts doing it).

I could have offered a multitude of services with the skills I’d developed but I saw this as my chance to make the rules! So from the start, I created a clear vision of how I wanted my business to look…

  • Work when and where I want – to be location independent
  • Work with clients who shared my values – professional, non conventional, and driven by passion, not money
  • Small, flexible and adaptable with low overheads, and no big team to manage
  • Time to enjoy and the choice of how to spend it
In a word: FREEDOM!

At this time marketing communication was changing. Big corporations were beginning to take social media and online marketing seriously. It was the start of something that would impact how we communicate and exchange information FOREVER.

I had no marketing budget for my fledgling business. Using the exciting developments in internet technology to find prospects, manage my clients and build a sustainable business that I could run from anywhere made perfect sense.

As my VA business grew, clients began asking me how to market their own businesses. This was my passion – it excited me more than my VA work and it became my main focus.

I continued to deepen my knowledge of business building and modern marketing. Learning about sales, email marketing, online community management, technology trends. I coupled this with more traditional growth strategies like financial forecasting, client prospecting and pricing so that my business would continue to grow. It also meant that I could pay forward my increasing knowledge base to help my clients.

I went on to teach post graduates digital marketing strategy, plus design and deliver business training events on modern marketing around the UK, Europe, and Worldwide online.


Personal transformation

My personal transformation

During this time I went through a personal transformation that kicked off a series of life-changing events. I made peace with my desire to start a family. Instead, I focussed on the infinite possibilities that were now open to me and not what I lacked. I was free to take my life in whatever direction I wanted.

I worked hard. Pulling long days, late nights, 7 day weeks. Constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

The incessant striving took it’s toll until I burnt myself out and I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Ugh.

I loved my work and my business but I made a common error of letting it take over my life. After years of pushing, my body said; STOP.

That’s when I realised I had floated adrift from my dream of wanting more freedom. My business had become the boss of me. This was not how it was supposed to be AT ALL!

I needed to get well and that meant rebooting my entire lifestyle…

Work less, say NO more, take days off, work smarter not harder, ask for help, get plenty of rest. I realised that my life had become over complicated and heavy. I craved simplicity.

A triple threat of life challenges

After burn out came the end of my 8 year marriage and a relocation from London to Ibiza; A triple-threat of hairy-assed life challenges that stripped me of what no longer served me. While I ricocheted through these personal tests my business stayed steady. Largely thanks to the processes and systems I had in place to support it.

The life challenges I’ve experienced have gifted me the knowledge that anything is possible. You can have it any way you want it if you keep reaching for what you believe in.

Inspiring others to create their own version of success and teaching them how to get there is my mission: absofuckinglutely possible.

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