Horror, miracles and tequila to Happiness Explorer

Have you ever done something reckless, or turned away from something or someone you care deeply about in a quest to be a happiness explorer? You probably thought it was crazy. Maybe you couldn’t explain it but it just felt right, and you knew it would benefit more than just you eventually. I have – several times. Shaking things up, breaking the rules then starting over to transform what’s left has always come naturally. It’s not something I’m afraid of. Staying the same is. You might be wondering where I’ve been lately. (Sorry about that). Well… I’ve been on a journey that involves tales of horror, a miracle and a lot of tequila. I’ve returned to explain a bit about that and share some other exciting news. What I’ve got…

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Fearless Launching: There is no way I can keep this secret to myself

I took a leap of faith that would change my business forever. I didn’t realise it at the time but when I clicked on the ‘Join Now’ button and entered my credit card details, I wasn’t signing up for just another 8 week training course. But I took the risk of committing my money, time and energy into an unknown because something had to change in my business. I simply couldn’t continue doing what I was doing and expect different results. When those 8 weeks were over, I knew that my leap of faith was well worth the risk: it had an instant impact on my confidence, business approach and my bottom line.

Alicia presents at The Awakened Entrepreneur Business Training Series

A couple of weeks ago I was attempting inbox zero and thinking; I’d really like to present at an online summit. I must do something about that. And guess what? That very same day I got a call out of the blue asking if I’d like to be involved in The Awakened Entrepreneur Business Training Series. Ask and you shall receive. It just might not happen that quickly… 🙂 It was short notice but I really wanted this. And, I’d asked for it so I was going to do everything possible to make it happen! Diary shuffled, space cleared. Done.

Alicia Cowan Travels: Social media workshop in beautiful Paris

This year, I’ve been teaching at Sup de Pub in London. The advertising and communications industry arm of INSEEC – one of the leading French graduate business schools. I’ve been teaching English speaking French post grads students two classes: Social Networking and Optimising Digital Marketing Performance (how to test and measure your online marketing). Challenging but fun and a brilliant opportunity for me to share my real life business learnings with them (rather than them learning theory from a text book) while I learn from the Millennial generation what they think about this whole social media lark. So when I was asked if I wanted to host a special workshop for the students in Paris, I said ‘YES!’

Alicia Travels: Farm & More Event, Edinburgh

I’m going on the road! I’m flying to Edinburgh to present a talk on social media at Farm & More – The Farm Diversification Event – an annual get together for the farm retail and diversified farming sector. This includes producers of fantastic local and artisan foods, owners of farm shops and the ever popular farmer’s markets, parks and ‘pick your own‘ farms who offer great family days out. This is all as a result of my talk at The Speciality Fine Food Trade Fair at Olympia in London last year. Farm & More is organised by FARMA – the only UK-national organisation representing farm diversification. Farm retail plays a huge part in the UK small business sector developing into wider areas including agri-tourism, entertainment and educational aspects. It’s worth…

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