Top 4 Twitter Fails (& how to fix them!)

Are there things you’re doing on Twitter that have a negative effect on your efforts?  There are certain habits and time-saving behaviours that could actually be stopping Twitter working for you as a business generating superpower (read on here for how Twitter can be a massive game changer for your business). And, if you’re not getting business results but find you spend lots of time on Twitter (or money if you’re outsourcing your tweeting), you might be making these massive Twitter fails without even realising it. But that’s okay…we all make mistakes! Read on to find out 4 of the most common fails and how to rectify them. 1. Are You Too Busy For Small Talk? You know that guy who is super quick at producing his business card and working…

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8 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Brilliance

“What can I tweet to benefit my business?” If every time I was asked this question and someone brought me a cup of tea and a slice of cake, I’d be one happy lady. This is the question I’m asked most of all. Seems that when it comes to Twitter, everything we learn about talking about our business and connecting with people, flies out of the window. And we get stuck in that constant loop of addictive tweeting and time-wasting. By golly it’s fun though, right?! But you’re using Twitter as a marketing and communications tool, so while you’re there having a fine old time, add these simple ideas into the mix to instantly boost your Twitter kudos and make that time investment count. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats:…

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I Just Heard A Nasty Rumour About You!

Ever received a Direct Message on Twitter like this? Or how about this one: Haha! Have you seen this hilarious picture of you? Here’s an image of one I received. Boyyy, was I tempted to click on the link inside… These direct messages are usually from someone you know and always include a live link.  If you click you expect to be met by your biggest fear: the MOST embarrassing picture of you on the internet for everyone to see. Eeeek! Normally the link directs you to what appears to be a Twitter log in page where you’re prompted to enter your account details. Your worst fear isn’t realised (thank God) but if you’re not careful it could lead to something else: Your account being hacked and used to spread…

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Grab this! 3 point framework to promote your next BIG thing on Twitter

When promoting the launch of a new product, service or event using the internet you have almost limitless options to choose from. You can really let your imagination run WILD with competition ideas, online parties and free workshops, and multi-guest summits. These are fun, rewarding and massively effective at drawing attention to your campaign. Plus, they’re a low cost alternative to paying for ads. (Let’s be honest here! Ads are hit n’ miss, expensive and don’t grab the spotlight you need to stand above the crowd of sameness in your industry, so let’s toss that idea aside for now…) As well as these bigger, fancier promotional options, you can’t ignore the subtle ‘drip, drip, drip’ marketing activities that are crucial for a successful campaign. These function as your steady promotional…

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$22,000 in just 6 weeks using Twitter? It’s true!

Do you know what it feels like to give another person something that changed their business or life forever? I have a hunch that you do! That something is a gift…a beautiful keepsake, a practical tool, essential knowledge, expert skills, increased confidence, enriched health, precious time, infinite pleasure, treasured memories… Whatever that ‘something’ is, whatever business you’re in…you’re in the business of gift-giving. That. Is. Awesome. But sometimes despite your talents, passion and eagerness to help others, enough of the people who will appreciate your gifts aren’t finding you. You do what you can but it’s a relentless slog of networking and hustling. Frustrated, downhearted, confused about what action to take next – this isn’t why you set up your own business! Do you want the honest truth? If you’re…

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Do you let a fear of technology stand in your way of success?

Can you relate to this..? You work hard, putting heaps of effort and energy into building your business because you LOVE what you do, but you just can’t get the traction you need or meet enough of the right people that you want to serve. And, you don’t know which direction to turn next because technology is a mystery – you think you might even break the internet! This is how Rebecca Perkins felt before she joined Twitter Brilliance. Rebecca is a blogger and coach, passionate about helping women through major life changes – particularly the challenges of midlife. In just a few months after joining Twitter Brilliance, Rebecca went from struggling to draw attention to her Best Knickers Always blog, to finding the confidence to self publish her first…

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NEW! Get It Done Session: The Twitter Transformation Process

LIVE Online Training Workshop When: Tuesday 25 June 2013 (recordings will be available to everyone who registers) Time: 8pm British Summer Time (that’s Noon PST and 3pm EST) Where: Online (wear pajamas!)

Fed Up With Competitors Keeping Tabs On You?

Are your competitors following you on Twitter and signing up for your free stuff and email updates? ME TOO! Initially, this can feel like a line has been crossed. I get loads of questions about how to deal with this – especially asking how to block competitors (or anyone weird and unsavoury) from following on Twitter. It’s understandable. When we put SO much effort into our businesses we don’t want anyone swooping in and taking our ideas and secrets. Of course, you CAN block people from following you on Twitter, but wouldn’t that time and energy be better spent concentrating forward on forging relationships with people you DO wanna know? I think so. (If you really want to block someone – click on the ‘man’ icon next to their name…

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7 Creative ways to thank someone for sharing your Tweet

When someone shares your tweet with others it’s a wonderful thing and not to be taken for granted. By sharing, they are helping you spread your message, exposing you to a completely new bunch of people (and probably brightening your day). Through this act they are endorsing you and raising your profile. How nice is that? So it stands to reason the smart (and polite) thing to do is to thank them. Just like you would ‘in real life’. Except, it doesn’t have to be limited to a ‘Thanks for sharing my tweet’ or ‘Thanks for the Retweet’ – you could show appreciation and recognise them in an other way. Here are some ideas Reciprocrate by tweeting something of theirs that your peeps will also appreciate Brighten their day back…

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Who sees an @reply on Twitter? (And why a mention can be better)

When having conversations on Twitter, did you know that the type of tweet you send can make all the difference to who sees it? An @reply (this is when the message starts with another Tweeter’s user name) is automatically seen by you, the recipient and anyone who is following you both. It doesn’t go into the newsfeed of ALL of your followers: [box type=”shadow”]“@Ange I’m good thanks. Are you coming to our event today? Will be great to catch up!”[/box] Generally, if you want to tweet someone a message that is only relevant to them and won’t be of value to anyone else, the @reply is your best option. An @mention (this is when the message includes the name of another Tweeter within the message) is seen by both of…

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