Anne Samoilov Fearless Launching program
I took a leap of faith that would change my business forever.

I didn’t realise it at the time but when I clicked on the ‘Join Now’ button and entered my credit card details, I wasn’t signing up for just another 8 week training course. But I took the risk of committing my money, time and energy into an unknown because something had to change in my business.

I simply couldn’t continue doing what I was doing and expect different results.

When those 8 weeks were over, I knew that my leap of faith was well worth the risk: it had an instant impact on my confidence, business approach and my bottom line.

I had already been in business for myself for almost 3 years.

And for a year of that I had held on to a dream of what I wanted to achieve next:

To launch my first online training course so that I could

  • make a difference to others, and reach as many as I could by practicing what I preach – using online marketing and social media to create leads and generate sales
  • show other small product and service based businesses that creating a buzz online isn’t a complicated, time-sucking drag, but is fun AND works when you have a plan
  • move away from the feast/famine cycle of trading money for hours, wake up to sales in my bank account after a good night’s sleep, and be location independent

I thought I knew enough to get me there – all I needed was a prod in the right direction – but those 8 weeks showed me how little I really knew about successfully launching an online product!

No doubt. Putting yourself out there is scary shit.

I’d experienced it when I published my first blog post, sent my first email update to my teeny list, presented my first webinar, and a whole bunch of other ‘firsts’ along my business evolution. But launching my first online course was a WHOLE different bag.

I wouldn’t admit it then but I was brimming over with the F-word:

Fear of failing
Fear of being judged
Fear of not knowing what to do
Fear of screwing it all up
Fear of biting off more than I could chew

And I was stuck. For a whole YEAR.

Then I found Fearless Launching…

Fearless Launching is “a hybrid part digital program – part live ongoing mastermind membership designed to give you a complete understanding of launching anything online and step by step advice, tips, and templates so that you actually do take your idea and ship it.”

A treasure trove of the best actionable advice, tools, systems, templates, insights and a-MAZING support (seriously, you’ll need it and the Fearless Launching community has it in spades!)

It wasn’t just the accountability and cheerleading support I thought that I needed that I got from Fearless Launching. NOPE! I learned the intricate details of what launching really is, what you absolutely must do, and what you can leave to improve upon the next time.

All wrapped up in a bow with expert knowledge from one of the best launch coaches around (Anne has pulled off hugely successful 6 & 7 figure launches, working away in the background). Oh yea, and she’s a self confessed launch nerd.

With this resource in my back pocket I was able to finally realise my dream, and exceed my expectations right out of the gate.

It meant that…

  • Not only did I launch my first online training, Twitter Brilliance, but it SOLD OUT within a few weeks
  • By the end of my first launch I doubled the size of my email list
  • I finally changed my business model to one that could scale
  • It put me on the path to creating a business I love and am excited about everyday
  • I’m helping many others achieve great things in their businesses and lives through my training courses from every corner of the globe
  • I became a launch addict! Successfully pulling off 5 launches within a year
  • And, due to the success of my first launch, during the summer of 2012 I was able to take a whole month off to enjoy the London Olympics (sweet!)

With results like this there’s NO WAY I’m keeping it hidden away in my back pocket because someone, maybe you, wants to realise their dreams too.

Are you ready to take your next move?

If you’ve been harbouring a dream to grow your business and package up your knowledge to serve others, Anne Samoilov and Fearless Launching can help you get there. Be prepared to work your buns off and face your fears but on the other side is your investment back, and the business you dream of.

Fearless Launching is currently open for enrollment for a limited time. Find out all about it here:

Fearless Launching

And, If you want help deciding whether it’s the right next move for you, don’t hesitate. Get in touch for a straight up, no B.S. answer from me.

(This is an affiliate link but if you’ve read this far you’ll know that I think Fearless Launching is worth every single penny, and I wouldn’t be recommending it otherwise!)