Bomdiggity they're good hacksY’know as a culture we’ve been programmed to think that long hours = more work.

Some entrepreneurs wear their 50, 60, 70(eeeek) hour weeks on their sleeve. Like a badge of pride. I say that’s the outdated way.

The modern way of running your business does NOT include:

  • Crazy hours or 52/7 working (even when your work is so addictive it’s ALL you want to
  • Not being able to go on holiday
  • Missing your kids growing up
  • Being on call more often than a Junior Doctor

Not only is it not necessary, it’s not healthy! Believe me, I know.

Now it turns out you don’t even get more done – what a waste of time!

Of course I already knew all of this (because I learnt the hard way and got chronic fatigue as a result) and now the nice folks at have made this infographic. It’s like they made it just for me! Goosebumps!

Hey, you over there, the entrepreneur types with the busy brains? Check out Myth 5. My favourite method for blasting your to do list involves exactly this. One task at a time, against the clock. When the timer goes off move on to the next task, girlfriend!

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Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity
Infographic by Quill

Over to you

So, which was your myth? I’d love to know if you’ve changed the way you work, let me know in the comments below.

If you’re still feeling like you’re open all hours, and your biz is running you (into the ground) instead of the other way round. Get in touch to book a free chemistry call with me.