Get your clients to do what you wantHave you ever tried to do something which should be really flippin easy and yet you seem to have to jump through a billion hoops to do it?

How did it make you feel? Frustrated, p’d off, not in a big ole hurry to repeat the experience fo sho.

I’ll give you an example. I recently had a bill to pay – no biggie, right? But there was nowhere I could click to pay easily, there was no way to ask my assistant to pay it, worse still the details had changed so I had to wade through a whole heap of emails.

Total ballache. Something which should have been quick n easy (and not done by me!) turned into a total palaver.

As you know, I’m all about finding the positive from a frustrating situation. So as I was thinking about how this could all have been so easily avoided it got me thinking.

“Are you making life easy enough for your clients?”

I absolutely don’t mean give in to your clients’ every whim, you KNOW how I feel about boundaries (and if you don’t, you can find out here). But, if someone wants to work with you – to PAY you for your time / services / products then please, for love of all things holy make it flippin simple.

We’re in such an amazing time and space for making this all as easy as pie. We have the tools at our fingertips to make this happen so let’s USE THEM.

Here are some examples:


This grinds my gears. C’mon people it’s not 1992. If you send me a contract expecting me to print it – on actual paper- it means me having to go out to print it, no I don’t have a printer at home, then getting it scanned and sent back to me and then sent to you – boring, frustrating and I’m never gonna do it.

Problem is, things like Terms of Business and contracts are how we protect ourselves as businesses so we can’t just skip them. Enter legally binding, electronic signatures.

Using an online solution means closing agreements more quickly, onboarding clients and new members of staff faster and it’s super secure.

Check out Hello Sign or any of the others and make it easy for your people to sign on the dotted line.


The benefits of using an online scheduler make it a no brainer for a small business. No more email tennis, timezone fails or misunderstandings. But, as an added extra choose one which integrates with your payment processor AND sends your standard T&Cs and BOOM all in one, seamless hassle free transactions.

Let me give you an example:

I booked an appointment with my homeopath using her online system yesterday, and it was so easy. I was able to pay at the time of booking which saved me more time from email and accounting admin. From Tracy’s point of view it takes away all the boring and awkward payment chasing – a no brainer solution for small serviced based businesses.

That, my friends, is how you do it.

I use Acuity (read more about that here) but check out Get Timely or Calendly too.


Do you want to get paid? Then make it simple. A big button with a link so that your client can pay in seconds.

Maybe you don’t like PayPal – that’s ok it’s not the only way! There are loads of free and paid apps for invoicing which include credit card processing.

If your clients pay you monthly, then you need to look into auto billing. Take away the monthly hassle for you AND your client. No more reminders, no more chasing and the benefit for your client is that they only ever have to set it up once.

Check out Wave Apps or Freshbooks for invoicing and payment or Stripe as a payment processor (you can even embed it on your website if you’re feeling techy).

The bottom line

If you’re looking at any of those things and thinking, “it’s just another thing to learn” I get you. But turn it around. Imagine how impressed you’d be to have such an easy customer journey. And it only needs setting up ONCE.

The bottom line is, if you make it easy to do – people are waaaaay more likely to do it. Trust me. And happy customers means not only repeat customers but a band of fans singing your praises. Plus the benefit of less adminy stuff for you. WIN WIN.

Over to you

What standard procedures do you have in place for your clients? If it’s new to you, let me know how you get on with them, I’d love to hear about it.

Still not convinced? Book a free Chemistry call with me so that we can check out where you’re wasting time in your biz and putting potential clients off.