Successfully outsourceDo you remember the moment you started to fall a little bit out of love with your biz? The first time that you didn’t leap out of bed ready to take on the world?

It was never supposed to be like that. And yet, and yet…

Some days start with a sigh instead of a shout, the idea of a day off fills you with dread and you don’t remember the last time you switched completely off. Maybe it was that time at cousin Tim’s wedding circa 2012.

There comes a point in your entrepreneurial journey when you realise that you just can’t do ALL OF THINGS ALL OF THE TIME.

It’s not sustainable, profitable or fun.

Apart from doing your “thing” you also have a business to run, and all of the stuff that comes with that. You are the sales and marketing department, accounts, human resources (why YES you can have a raise!), purchasing and IT. Phew.

When your to do list resembles War and Peace, you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and let’s be honest a little bit resentful of your biz – it’s time to get serious about outsourcing.

Objection 1

But here’s the tricky thing. Our marvellous little minds wake up and start whispering things like

“But you can do that yourself”

“Can you really afford to pay someone for something you could easily do?”

You know what quells that little devil – logic. Cold, hard logic.

Let me lay it out for you. Say you are charging $100 an hour, and you’re doing tasks that someone else can do for you for $25 an hour. If you replace the time you spend, for example loading Tweets into Buffer, with income generating task like prospecting you’re actually MAKING money.

It’s simple economics. I know, I know, I should have been the Chancellor…

Objection 2

But what will I hand over?

I hear this one time and time again. So I’m going to share the process I ask my clients to go through.

Go get a piece of paper and a pen. Now I want you to write three headings:

What I don’t like doing What I shouldn’t be doing What I love to do

#tip: You might find it easier to keep this near you during the day and fill it in as you go

In the middle column put everything that despite the fact you CAN do it, and probably do it well, it could be done by someone else. These are things which are usually the hardest to give up, but are the biggest time suck for you.

Next Steps

Take 3 things from your ‘What I don’t like doing’ list and outsource them within one month. That could be to an assistant, service provider or technology software.

Let’s take for example uploading social media. You could either set up a system using a scheduler like Buffer, Hootsuite or Meet Edgar, OR you could give it to an assistant to do for you. Either way it’s less labour intensive for you.

Same goes for appointment scheduling, if you aren’t using an online scheduler and regularly play email tennis to get appointments in the diary you are missing a trick, girlfriend. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be to a person!

If you are ready to start using an assistant, having this list ready is going to give you an amazing head start. And if this is a first time, take the opportunity to create SOP documents for everything – a total life saver for anyone coming in to your business. Plus you’ll never have go through the same instructions ever again. Phew.

If you’re worried about exactly HOW to hand over ra href=”” target=”_blank”>read this resource for the best way to successfully hand over any project.

Once you’re happy that those 3 things have been handed over completely and without problems, select another 3 from the middle “should” list. You might find these harder to let go, but you’ve done it before (three times!) and you can do it again. And again.

Now your workload should look radically different – and a whole lot lighter! When you adjust to that, do the exercise again and see what comes up. Rinse and repeat!

Over to you

So, what 3 things are you committing to handing over? And how? Hit me up in the comments and let me know. I love hearing about this!

If you feel like your biz is running you (into the ground) instead of you running it, book yourself a free Chemistry call with me. We’ll look at the places you can offload and outsource to give you that loving feeling back in your biz