My speed dating method for obliterating your to-do list You know that feeling when you start your day, and you’re looking ahead to everything you need to get done? There’s so much going on in your head that you don’t actually know where to begin or which to-do to start first.

You wonder, “How the H am I going to do it all? There are so many things – a shit load of stuff and no time. It’s impossible!”

So you flap around, starting a little bit of everything and achieving nothing, and you know it.

  • The feeling of panic and overwhelm rising.
  • Frightened to even open your emails, or check your messages.
  • If ONE more person asks for something from you, you’ll scream!

When you get to this state you end up frozen, totally blocked. Beating yourself up for not getting more done and worrying about how you’ll fit it all in. You might even want to go run and hide somewhere safe. Like under a duvet immersed in a Game of Thrones fest.

STOP RIGHT THERE. I have got a KILLER tip for you.

My method

It’s super simple, quick and works big time to blast your to-dos. Leaving you with that special glow of satisfaction you only get when you know you’ve taken care of business like a ladyboss. Boom.

Here’s what my client told me when she used this tip during a particularly overwhelming day…

“The best thing that happened to me all day was receiving a voice message from my amazing business coach telling me to stopwatch and stop pissing about. It worked! I’m definitely going to use that tip from now on – it’s brilliant because I was stressing about, not accomplishing anything…”

I rest my case. 🙂

Ok, ready? Here’s what you need:

1 x pen
1 x piece of paper

That’s all. Nothing to download, learn how to use or install.

Let’s go!

First of all write down everything in your head that you have to do. Business and personal. Yes, you could use an online tool for this but there’s something about writing it down, old school style which makes a big difference. It makes it more real and grounded in purpose somehow, you get me?

Ideally you’ll have your priority tasks first but it doesn’t really matter. Just get your tasks on paper and don’t worry about the finer details about making it pretty, colour coding, or putting it in order. (Procrastination ALERT!)

An example

Let’s start with a common example…ordering stock.

So you need to make a stock order. Put it on the list and give it a realistic amount of time – say 30 mins.

Next, emails need responding to. Which means opening the inbox of doom – you’ve got one hour.

Go through adding your tasks and timings until you have a list of tasks in front of you. Then grab a timer (phone, computer, egg timer from the kitchen) and get to it.

Time, stop, repeat

For the first half an hour you do the stock order and NOTHING ELSE. You absolutely and completely 100% focus on that one task for the time which you allocated it.

Because you’re being timed you get extra accountability, and being against the clock brings out your racing game!

Then, when the time is up you stop. And move on to the next task. And repeat.

Think of it like speed dating – when that bell rings it’s on to the next one, baby – no lingering and holding the rest of the line up!

Progress (not finishing) is the goal

For ongoing tasks like your email or social media, just allocate a reasonable amount of time and do what you can in that time. It’s likely you won’t finish your inbox in that hour but it’s ok – it’s an hour’s worth of emails that you’d still be ignoring otherwise.

The reason this is so helpful in reducing overwhelm is because it transforms the jumbled mess in your head to tidy, achievable actions on paper.

And as you work through the list, you can see the progress you’re making which helps to slay the “wow, I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet” monsters in your head.

Instead of sitting about in panic, you’re moving forwards with your tasks and that forces you out of your frozen state of overwhelm.

…and relax!

Then, at the end of the day when you sit back, put your feet up and reward yourself with a big glass of red (or G&T, please) you’ll feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

Instead of feeling frightened, blocked and overwhelmed; you’ll feel proud and raring to get more stuff done tomorrow.

And that feels great.

How about you?

I love hearing from you so that we can all learn together – let me know in the comments below your favourite methods for beating the overwhelm gremlins. Plus, if you try my speed dating method – how did you get on?

If you still can’t seem to fit your business into the time you have and feel like it’s taking over your life, get in touch. Book yourself a Chemistry call with me and we can see how to banish the overwhelm and create the business you always wanted.