when your biz keeps you up all night (and not in a good way)I know what it’s like when you first start out in business – so thrilled to be doing what you love, finally able to break free from the 9-5 and putting your heart and soul into your new venture.

That initial period is so filled with excitement and joy that it’s impossible to believe that your sweet, new business baby could grow up into a monster. But it can. Keeping you up at all hours, constantly demanding attention…sound familiar?

You gotta set some rules

Working all hours in your biz simply isn’t sustainable. It leads to feeling unfulfilled, stressed and burnt out. That’s no fun, and the modern way of working is about enjoying your business and managing it so it supports you in a life outside of it.

I believe you can have a business you love AND be able to live you life, (I know, because I do it). But, you have to put the business development systems in place to make that happen.

Setting boundaries for yourself in your business is key. It’s something I talk to my private clients about A LOT. And something I’ve written about before as well.

There’s no one size fits all, what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for everyone so here’s my bumper roundup of advice. I promise there will be something in there to make your life a whole bunch easier.

Different kinds of boundaries

  • Time, and how you choose to spend it is a biggie.

    And yes, it does have to be your choice. If you leave it to clients to decide, you will taking calls at 8pm on a Saturday when you should either be kicking back or getting ready to hit the town.

    Read this blog: Why open all hours is killing your biz and try out the time saving productivity technique. It’s easy to apply and I guarantee will leave you feeling clearer headed and more in control than ever.

  • Then there are the kind of boundaries which aren’t as immediately obvious.

    The kind that can get into your head and mess with your mind faster than a well mixed margarita.

    These slippery little suckers can be hard to tame, but I’ve got my best tips and an awesome book recommendation for you over in this blog: The little word that makes a big impact in your biz.

    It’s all about a little word we should all break out a bit more often. So if you LOVE the core of your business but get so sick of the shiz that comes with it that you sometimes consider quitting, start using the little word that will change all o’ that.

  • Let’s not forget about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. boundaries
    When we set boundaries (and stick to them) we are ultimately choosing a healthier, more modern, sustainable way of working. It’s the ultimate sign of respect for yourself, your health and your business.

    Check out this blog for 10 healthier easy-to-implement business choices – you’ll thank me for it in the long run.

Over to you (My challenge to you)

Ready to make a change in your working habits and get a decent night’s sleep? Here’s my challenge to you…

Write in the comments below which idea jumps out at you most and how it will help you if you use it.

Then, take action! Consistently apply it throughout your biz for a month.

Before you start, write down your frustrations, how you hope your change of habit will help, plus how you want to feel by doing it.

After a month revisit your notes, and see for yourself what a difference you’ve made.

For extra help

If you still feel overwhelmed and need some help setting your boundaries so that you can enjoy life and run a business, book yourself a Chemistry Call with me (it’s free).

Good luck!