All about the feels Picture this: You’re out and about, and fancy a coffee. Where do you go? The closest coffee shop? Or the one further down the highstreet that you really love?

No brainer, right? You’ll go the little bit extra to hang out in the coffee shop that you love.

They both sell coffee, in about a billion (approx) variations. So why trek to that particular one?

Is it a boho, comfy sofa, books on shelves creativity den?

Perhaps it’s all clean lines, tall tables and far removed from the clutter of working from your home.

What is it that makes us pick one, over the many others?

We choose because of the way these places make us FEEL.

Cluttered and overwhelmed at home – head out to the sleek workspaces to feel in control and like a business badass.

Are you having a lonely moment and need that sense of belonging like being part of a creative tribe? Head to the boho, vintage sofa hangout.

If we’ve been hanging out for a while, you’ll know that I love nothing more than seeing my clients bring personality to their brand. We buy personality, and the reason we do is because of how it makes us… you got it, feel!

You ask an Apple fan why they buy their products. You’ll hear similar answers:

“I love their sleek design, they’re intuitive and simple to use.”

Basically, they make you feel high class and in control.

And it isn’t just for the big boys.

Your product and its features don’t really matter (well, of course they do – but stick with me a sec) what we want to know is how it will make us feel.

Alicia's JimmysSee these Jimmy Choos? They’re mine (I know… hot, right?)

Why did I buy them? Do they look like the kind of shoes I might need? No, of course not! I bought them because I wanted to feel sexy when I wear them (and I do).

Why do I buy a wheatgrass shot instead of a Coke? Is it cos it tastes better? Nuh. It’s because I want to FEEL healthy.

Why do I buy that CD? Because I want to invoke the special FEELING I got when I first heard it.

Why will I buy from you instead of another? Sell me a feeling and I’m yours forever.

“But my business isn’t like that, I don’t sell things”

Let me tell you right now it doesn’t matter if it isn’t tangible – it’s not just things which make us feel.

I don’t sell “things” either, but there’s a reason my private and group students work with me. They feel empowered, inspired, motivated and like there’s someone who’s on their team in the lonely world of entrepreneurship

When you’re a service based entrepreneur essentially you ARE your product. How you make your clients feel is how a new iPhone makes Apple’s customers feel.

How to do it

First things first figure out what it is that makes you special (you can download my free 3 step guide to help you here).

Then use your own brand of awesome in all areas of your business copy.

  • Social media updates
  • newsletters
  • sales copy


If you do this using the language that your clients use you’ll create instant likeability and attraction. And that leads to more sales and profits – just by being your authentic self.

Think about how they want to feel buying from you – if you’re selling shoes or services, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the emotions.

Drill down into those, they matter more than WHAT your product is, no one is really that bothered by the what – I promise. It could be full of bells, whistles and play Beethovens 9th and still no one would care.

Be less attached to your product and more attached to the way in which it affects your client. Does it or you make them feel sexy, healthy, in control, fit, well, taller, more intelligent, cutting edge…the list is endless!

Whatever you do, don’t do this:

Here’s a fabulous example of how NOT to do it.

I was looking online for new bedding, and I came across this gem from a usually SO on point UK department store (think Christmas adverts for them at their best)

“Its design not only offers an additional element of texture, but will help form a cosy foundation to safeguard your quality of sleep.”

How many of their customers do you think asked their sales staff “I want a new duvet cover, I’d really like it safeguard my quality of sleep, can you help?”

None, that’s how many. Depending on the season, I want it to be cosy, inviting and like protection from life’s challenges (my friend, who also suffers from chronic fatigue, calls this a duvet fort. A safe, soft, comfy place where you can protect and take care of yourself).

Over to you

How do you make your clients feel? Have you ever thought about it from that perspective? I’d love to know – hit me up in the comments.

If you still need some help figuring that out, book a free Chemistry call with me and we’ll nail exactly how to speak to your clients, together.