Boring blog posts
You’ve checked all the boxes for your blog:

Done, done and done. But why is it no one seems to “see” your posts? When you post to social media, if you’re hearing crickets this could be why:

You’re not using images in your posts or they’re yawn-making!

Pretty as a picture

We are visual creatures by nature – just take a look around at all the ads and your favourite glossy mag. Bright, engaging pictures!

Using pictures in your blog can lift your posts, entice visitors and draw readers in. Take advantage of our visual nature, play to it and make your posts as eye catching as you can.

“I’m not a designer”
Honey, neither am I – and you don’t have to be! I’m going to share with you some of my favourite resources for fast, effective image creation on your blog as well a few no no’s.

If you’re writing how-to articles, using images or photos to explain the steps to your reader or demonstrate a point will help make it easier to understand. Try adding screenshots you’ve annotated like this:

How to format acuity

There are loads of different apps for this – try Skitch (MAC or Windows) or Awesome Screenshot to start with.

Images for SEO

Images also help with SEO if you title them correctly because they will be listed in search results.

It is essential that you re-title your images to something related to your post and keywords. Don’t, for the love of all that is good, leave an image with a title like DCM20011023 – have you ever searched Google for that? Nope, me neither and neither will anyone else.

Don’t forget to add the alt title as well. If for whatever reason your reader can’t see images, this is the text which will replace the image. BUT it is also how a search engine “sees” a picture. If you don’t add a description, Google can’t read it. Keep it simple, just a few words with one keyword is fine.
Why use alt text

Which images to use?

There are loads of sources for images online, a big no no is to sift through Google Images or another website and just copy what you find. You could get in trouble for using an image that you don’t have rights to and really – it’s just not cool.

If you can use your own photos – great! Instagram is quick n easy for that, plus it’s a social network in its own right, so you get more bang for your buck. Just be careful if you have other people in your shot.

I love Death by Stock just because well, I don’t like boring stock photos! Here is the link to their resources plus they send you a new packages of beeyootiful pics every month.


Once you have your pic, make it your own – crop it, add text, turn it upside down, whatever makes it YOU. I love PicMonkey because it’s super easy to use and if you get stuck there are tutorials on the site as well as loads on YouTube.

Not only can you use it for your blog post, re-purpose it for your SM updates too (tip: Square pics are best for this).

Your turn.

Over to you, find one of your blog posts – create an image to go with it and upload it to Facebook. I bet you get more clicks than before. Let me know how you get on in the comments below (if you can post your image, do it!). Or, if you have a go-to resource for image creation and editing share in the comments.