Missing Blog IngredientAhhh blogging, a favourite subject of mine! I recently wrote about how to make sure your hard work doesn’t get lost in cyberspace so your ideal customers can find you. But when they do find you and love you, you want to make sure they STAY!

They may read your blog, they may even sign up to your newsletter but since stats say (and we all know they never lie) that it takes the average person seven – count them – seven points of contact before they buy from you do you really want them to escape that easily?


You know what it’s like when you find something realllllly good to read, whether it’s a blog for your business or the new Harry Potter (hey, it’s your private life, no judging) you want to read more and more and more? Well give that to your ideal client. We call this the Honeymoon Period. Now’s the time to woo that visitor into falling in love with you.

As a consumer of fine things, there are a few times when this has happened to me…

I’ve found a website and sure – the details on the About page have interested me; I’ve understood how I can work with them from their services or shop page, and the pretty images left me with website envy. BUT it’s the articles on the blog that have kept me hooked. I’ve stayed on their site until I’ve devoured every.single.one of their articles and fallen totally, utterly in love with them. What’s more, each time I’ve become a very valuable customer (read: spent loads of dosh), fan and cheerleader.

However, you need to make it easy for people to fall in love in with you….

Making it easy

You’d be royally p’d off if you started reading a book only to discover that after the first chapter you had to go searching for the next one wouldn’t you? So make it as easy as poss for people to read on. The best way to keep ‘em reading is to use links to your own blogs. See what I did there?!

It keeps the reader on your website and not only that it links internal pages together showing the search engines that your content is on topic so they can categorise your site better. Yep that good old SEO again!

..and don’t forget

When you do this always use anchor text. By this I mean, the words visitors click on should be actionable key terms rather than generic ones for example:

Instead of: Click Here try ‘read my quick fitness tips article’ or instead of follow this link you could use the much more interesting ‘see my wedding photo tips’

Linking to pages or other blog posts within your own website is great because it:

  • gets more people reading more of your content (you spent a lot of time crafting those beauties, make that time count!)
  • It continues to educate and provide value to new people who are just getting to know you (your blost post may be YEARS old but it’s still fresh for most people)
  • directs readers to areas of your site where they can find out about your services or goods I talk more about that here
  • and can bunch together posts on a similar topic – just like chapters in a can’t-put-it-down book

And guess what else it’s good for? You got it in one – SEO baby!

If you want to learn how to use blogging so that it hypnotises your clients so they can’t get enough of your good stuff, join me for a single strategy session. Together we’ll figure out what to write that appeals to your client, how to encourage them to come back again (and tell all their friends about you), and craft your words so they drive business and makes you mo’ money.

So here’s my challenge for you, take a look through your last blog posts and see where you can link to other posts or pages on your site.