Do you know how to use tags to increase your page visibility in Facebook?

Tagging is a powerful way to gain more ‘likes’ (subscribers) for your page. You can tag friends from your personal profile too but this post mainly focuses on using tagging to promote your business. It’s super easy to implement and a highly effective strategy for generating more visibility for your page, here’s why…

A tag is a direct link to another Facebook page that is included within a message or comment. This is good for brand awareness because not only is the message seen on your page and in the news feed of your likers, it is also posted on the wall of the page you have tagged and seen by their subscribers too, thereby increasing your reach massively!

3 Top Tagging Strategies

The Hat Tip
Tagging another page in a status update is an ideal way to share knowledge and increase influence. The post below will be seen on Mark Shaw’s and Wordtracker’s walls as well as my own page, and all of our susbcribers. It’s also a way of ‘tipping your hat’ – showing appreciation of another page and positioning yourself with influencers in your industry. 😉

Example of using Facebook's tagging feature

From Your Personal Profile
Including a tag to your page in a status update when posting as your personal profile can draw attention from Facebook friends – a useful way to generate interest for a specific promotion or when you launch your page. Especially useful as you can’t comment to personal profiles as a page unless their privacy settings allow this (most don’t).

The Comment
You can tag within a comment thread on another page to draw attention from a new audience. You can do this if you’re commenting as your page or profile. It will be visible on your profile (if you’re commenting as you), your page (if you’re commenting as your page), and whichever page or profile you post your comment. Plus, those who have also made comments in the thread will receive a notification by email. That’s potentially loads of new eyeballs!

OK, So How Do You Tag?
Firstly, to create a tag you have to like the page you want to tag.

Next, refer to the page in the status or comment box by preceding the page name with the @ sign. The page options will be listed from a drop down menu within the comment box, like this:

Example of taggingin Facebook

Select your chosen page to create a direct link within your comment.

Tagging a page in Facebook

This creates a direct clickable link back to the page in question and is displayed on your wall. It is also displayed on the wall of the page you have tagged:

Tagging another page in Facebook

A Word of Warning!
This is a great feature but please, please, please be respectful of that person’s profile/page as by tagging you are effectively posting an update on their wall. Make your tagged comments relevant and always add value. Don’t use this feature simply for promotional purposes. When used well tagging can really boost your page’s presence but it’s not a feature you want to over-use. Be selective with the kind of posts you tag and don’t target the same pages all the time. If you do, you are in danger of being viewed as a spammer by the other page owner, a nuisance to them and their subscribers, and may even get you blocked by that page.

*New Feature*
Facebook have just this week updated the tagging option for profiles where you can shorten the name of the person you are tagging (no need to display the full name), and if you type the first 5 letters of your friend’s name with a capital letter it will automatically initiate the tag feature. This feature isn’t available for pages yet ONLY on profiles, but maybe Facebook will look to include this for pages in the future.

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