No one night standsWhen I mentioned the honeymoon period in my blog recently it struck like cupid’s arrow with so many of you that I wanted to expand on what I meant.

When I refer to the honeymoon period in modern marketing, I mean that magical time when you’ve just discovered a person or a brand that “gets” you. It’s like love at first site (hehe).

You LOVE everything they do. You just can’t get enough.

  • You hang off every word of their website, blog, videos, and podcasts like a lovestruck puppy.
  • You sign up for their newsletter and every freebie they offer.
  • You buy friends’ birthday gifts from there even though it’s you who realllly wants the thing you’ve just bought. (I know you know what I mean. I’ve done it, you’ve done it and we’ve ALL got the credit card bills to prove it…)
  • You wonder “Where have you been until now..?”

This is business nirvana. That instant and deep connection is what you want to build with your website visitors, blog readers, prospects and customers. You want them to feel like they NEED you. That their life will be richer for having you in it.

To know you is to love you.

People WANT to get to know you and love you, what’s more they need to in order to get that connection with you – remember the brand love? Compare that feeling to just hitting “like” on a company’s page, not very inspiring is it?

Too many businesses get wrapped up in the finding followers and building numbers of fans on their social media profiles, and stop short there.

Then they wonder why this social media lark isn’t resulting in client enquiries and sales.

The smart money is on knowing how to convert those likes and followers into website visitors, subscribers and prospects.

The truth is that it’s totally pointless building “Likes” on a Facebook page if that page doesn’t redirect your customers back to your website or Opt in page.

They are scared or overwhelmed by the thought of newsletters and blogging when they really need this for their social media and other marketing to bring in dollars. and who doesn’t want to bring those in, right?!


So how can you create a honeymoon feeling?

  • Be yourself. When you blog (or create any piece of content) let people hear your voice, inject your personality into your content and create that closeness. If you struggle, imagine you’re chewing the fat with a buddy over a glass of red. It may seem hard at first, I’ve had to learn to love it too – you can read more about how I did that here.
  • Make it flippin easy for people to find your material and browse around your website – I talked about this recently when I mentioned anchor text keeping people interested and flicking through your content and then lead them to where you want them to be, whether that’s a product or service to buy or something to opt in to.
  • Give them the information they need. What can you tell them or do for them that will make a difference to their lives? As a service business I like my content to be actionable and practical because that creates positive change for you, and that’s why I do what I do.
  • Don’t let them leave without giving you their name. This is NOT Tinder, there is no one-night-stand-play-hard-to get option in business! In order to fully capitalise on the honeymoon period you need to be reminding your clients of why it is that you are so super-smashing-great. THAT means keeping in touch with them, reminding them you exist and just how frickin’ fabulous you are. Someone has to take the initiative to build a relationship into something beyoootifull *dabs at eyes*, and that’s YOUR job.

Before you go cold on me, this is not about tricking anyone or hard selling. (Ewww, I hope you know me better than that by now!) but you want to be converting those visitors, fans and followers into solid gold suitors, otherwise what’s point in putting yourself out there at all?

And who doesn’t love a happy ending 😉