Getting to know your ideal clientI bet when you started out in business one of the first things you heard about was the “Ideal Client Avatar”.

Have you done it? Does she have a name? Did you find a picture which looks just like her?

Here’s the thing, I totally, 100% agree that you need to get very clear on who you want to work with and what problems you are going to solve for her. But the colour of her hair? Who cares?! Unless you have an incredible niche in colouring hair, it doesn’t matter.

There’s a reason most Ideal Client Avatar exercises are so f*cking boring… it’s because they don’t actually work.

There, I said it.

What the problem is

Most of the client avatar exercises I see are missing the point. They’re so focussed on the wrong details that the info which will help communicate to your customers in a way that creates connection and builds trust gets lost in the process.

Yes, getting to know your client is crucial. It’s one of the things I help my private clients get really clear on from the start. But it’s important to know the right things.

Of all the things you need to be thinking about when you are identifying your ideal client, you don’t need to worry unnecessarily about:

  • Her name, because seriously, why?
  • What she looks like.
  • What shoes she wears.
  • What her favourite drink/snack/biscuit is.
  • Unless your business is directly impacted by any of these things.

So, what does matter?

What you want to be focussing on is less about who she is and more about how she feels, plus the bigger picture of what she wants to achieve; How not feeling this way impacts her on a day to day basis; And, how achieving what she wants will impact her too.

Because, people want to be sold a solution, not just a product. By that I mean, what are you actually going to be able to do for them? They want to FEEL different from the way they feel right now: happier, confident, healthier, stronger, sexier. How is your coaching/personal styling/recipe book/fitness programme/photoshoot going to help them get there?

Step into her shoes

It’s time to grab yo’self a pen (yeah, a real one) and brew some coffee. You’re gonna want to write this stuff down because it’s important and it could take a little while. Search out her feelings and emotions by answering some of these questions…

  • What is she struggling with when she seeks you out? Or, how does she want you to help her?
  • What does she worry about on a regular basis? Y’know that stuff that keeps her up at night.
  • What solution is she looking for that she thinks you can help her with?
  • What are her complaints or frustrations about her current situation?
  • Once she’s got her desired outcome, how does she think it will impact her overall and on a day to day basis?
  • What does she want you to help her achieve? Not just the service you offer. Think big dreams and the bigger picture of what you can help her achieve.
  • What results will she see?
  • How does she think or wish she could feel from these results? How will things be different for her once she gets what she wants?

I promise you that taking an hour or so and really thinking about these questions will get you a whole lot closer to who you want to work with than searching Google images for your imaginary friend.

Over to you

So, here’s my challenge to you. Ditch the boring, same old exercises, get rid of “Katie” and her labradoodle and get up close and personal with your ideal client’s feelings.

Let me know any breakthroughs you have in the comments below, I love hearing about this stuff.

If you’ve hit a wall and feel like you just can’t answer the questions, hit me up for a free Chemistry call. We can take a look at why you’re struggling with this and how you can turn it round and start attracting the people you LOVE into your business.