Don't be another drink in the chillerRemember when you were younger, BEGGING to be allowed “the” shoes/jeans/hairstyle that all your friends had?

It felt so important to blend in. Anything different was social death and anyone who couldn’t understand this was clearly a monster.

Or parent.

Trouble is, for many that’s carried over into adulthood, and if you own a business, that too.

Bad move, girlfriend.

It’s no wonder really, we spend sooo long trying to fit in and wanting to be liked as individuals that we end up doing the same with our business.

The fear of standing out

We worry about being too different or controversial, nervous to show our personality because it may repel custom and divide opinion. Especially when starting out because in the beginning we’re just so darn grateful that SOMEONE will buy from us!

Guess what? Being different WILL repel custom!

And that’s OK.

Because it’s the only way you’ll attract your die hard fans too (more on them and why you need them later).

In a modern business and world where there is SO MUCH CHOICE and endless options vying for our attention, the shortcut to more sales is PERSONALITY.

That means standing out, showing your uniqueness and owning your weird n wonderful.

Cheeky accountant? Sassy acupuncturist? Jazz loving dentist? Yoga enthusiastic web designer? All great! Shine a light on it. That’s your super power, no one else can be you.

Just like your unique human qualities attract your BFFs, your unique business qualities draw in your BCFs (best customers forever).

Yes, it feels uncomfortable at first but it’s totally worth it and the results will be obvious:

  • The confidence boost when your reputation grows.
  • The ease you feel by not having to second-guess every business move you make.
  • The clarity you’ll have driving your business direction.
  • The impact on your profits – kerching!

Let me give you an example…

When you think of the die-hard, always there, q-up-at-4am-on-launch-day kind of fan – which brand springs to mind? Apple for one. The rebels. The innovators.

But, some people hate Apple more than being beaten to the last pair of Jimmy Choos. Do you think Apple mind? Hell no. They don’t give a f*ck (remember when they made the bold move of removing disc drives from their laptops? All HELL broke loose!).

They’re too busy doing their thing and attracting the super fans.

And have you noticed that Apple don’t use social media to promote their products? You won’t find them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They don’t have to be because their army of superfans are all over it spreading the Apple gospel for them.

Couldn’t your business do with a few more of those gospel spreading superfans?

which frickin' drink?Take a look at this fridge in one of my local hangouts, I mean on one hand it totally appeals to my OCD tendencies but on the other – which frickin’ drink do I pick?

They all just look like…drinks.

By letting your personality shine through all aspects of your business , you’ll never be just another drink in a chiller. Tweet that

How to find your own secret sauce

Because it’s so ingrained in us to fit in, it’s not as simple as waking up and thinking – “Today I think I’ll bring more personality to my brand.”

We’re more likely to think:

“How the hell am I going to sell more of my stuff?!”

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1.

Dig deep and get an understanding of what it is that makes you totally unique.
Purrrrlease, don’t say nothing. I’ve heard it before and I can tell you now it has NEVER been true. Plus it makes me a bit sad to hear.

Step 2.

Now you have your looonng list of quirks, interests, phrases and you-isms. Identify which ones you want to bring into your you business.

Step 3.

Now you have the ingredients to your own secret sauce. Sprinkle it liberally through your business. Keep your list close and regularly ask yourself whether what you’re about to do is true to your brand personality.

A gift from me to you

To help you go through this process you can use my FREE brand personality cheat sheet. Just 3 steps and you’ll be attracting your perfect match clients. And you’ll do it just by being YOU.

Click here to get it.

And then let me know in the comments how you get on, I love hearing your breakthroughs and aha moments.

If you’re ready to build on what you’ve discovered in the cheat sheet, book yourself a free chemistry call with me. We’ll discuss how you can add more of your personality to your biz and find those die hard fans.