Getting Seen online- Get This PageWhen you first dip your toes in the online business world, it seems HUGE, like a massive parallel universe.

The idea of anyone finding, never mind being specifically interested in little old you seems absurd.

But fast forward and I bet you’ve found your home online, and just like in real life Eastenders even met the neighbours. Hell, you’ve probably got online business besties (they’re the best, espesh when none of your ‘real friends’ get what you do all day).

All this moving and shaking in the online world naturally leads to collaborations, interviews, podcasts and the like with other smart business minds, driven to succeed.

And this leads to other people being interested in what you’re doing and *gasp* wanting to tell other people.

Exciting stuff, hey?

Whether you’re jumping on a podcast, collaborating on a webinar, giving an interview or guest posting you’re going to get asked the same thing – every.single.time. Photo, bio, links to website.

You might be an organised sort of person and have these in a Google doc or folder, ready to hand out – my kinda gal, I like it. But to save even more time, I have another place to put it.

It might make you feel uncomfortable, you may even suffer from imposter syndrome (who the hell does she think she is?!) but it’s totally worth getting past all that. You are a professional business person after all.

What you need, is a media page on your site.

Isn’t a Media Page just for the big boys?

If you’re already thinking “I’m not Apple, I don’t have press releases or news” then stick with me.

It’s true Apple do have amazing media resources, no surprise there, but why? Because journalists are their friends. They spread the word and the love!

And, having all the info in one place not only helps the people who need it to promote you, it means you have more control over what is chosen.

I mean, have you put your name into Google images recently? Would you rather someone used one of those or a beautiful, on brand image of your choosing? Here’s mine…eeek:

Google images 720 frame

And, it’s not all about the pictures. Whether you’re featured online or offline, you want your bio to showcase you and your work. Not be what someone pulls together from your about page.

What’s more, having a media page lets those connectors know that you are available for gigs. And they’re ALWAYS looking for more contributors.

Ok, you on board? Here’s what to pop on the page

The topics you present / talk about (keep it brief, title only is fine)

topics I can talk about all day

Promo shots, I have a mix of black and white or colour head shots, shareable quotes from my blogs and my logo

Alicia Orre Promo shots

As seen in, if you’ve been featured anywhere else grab the logo and shout about it!

Official bio and short bio, in the 3rd person. Yes, it feels weird at first but you’ll get used to it.

I recommend having a couple of different length bios so that whoever needs them can choose which suits their format best.

Alicia As seen in & bio


testimonials 720

Recent features, include any audios or videos

Alicia recent features

And most importantly a way to get in touch with you!

Alicia get in touch

If you wanna check out mine in full technicolour glory, you can do that here 😉

Now the next time someone asks you, you can just point them in the right direction!

Over to you

I’d love to know about any wicked media pages you’ve seen – your own included! Let me know in the comments, I’m nosy like that…

If you’d love to get more opportunities to get you and your business in front of your crowd but you’re not sure how to go about it, book a Chemistry call with me (it’s free). Together we’ll look at how you can get yourself and your business noticed online.