Tour de france cyclist in the mountains
Picture: Ezquerra in the mountains By Nationaal Archief, Flickr


Sometimes, using social media can feel like an uphill struggle.

When people all around you are achieving success but you’re not, it can be deflating.

Trying to understand all the different tools at once can leave you overwhelmed.

After a holiday or when you’ve let things slip because you’ve been busy, it’s like starting from scratch.

Getting the momentum going again can feel like way too much effort.

This is often why people give up.

But wait – hold up a second!

Consistency is key to running a successful business.

If you fall away from view the relationships you’ve developed will falter.

If you stop talking to your customers they will no longer remember you when they need your product or service.

So when you feel like ditching your online marketing efforts, use these success strategies to keep you on track.

  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing, concentrate on your own journey

  • Focus on one thing at a time. Whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging or a newsletter – don’t take it all on at once. (That’s enough to make anyone give up!)

  • Keep a content bank to store blog headlines, newsletter ideas, tweetable tips, quotes and images for Facebook to call on. Google Docs or an Excel spreadsheet is ideal

  • Make a commitment to deliver consistently. Whatever your chosen form of communication make it a non negotiable part of your business

  • Set tangible targets to focus your motivation: triple your newsletter readers, blog once a week, double your web traffic from Twitter

  • Keep your end goal in mind, remember why you are doing it

Just get back on that bike and keep going.