3 hacks to grow your bizI’ve discovered that I am really lazy.

  • Put me on a beach and I’ll zombie for hours.
  • I eat snacks instead of cooking real food (cold baked beans straight from the tin, anyone?) but invite me to yours for dinner and I’m THERE.
  • Most mornings I’m too lazy to chew food so I’ll drink a healthy smoothie. Straight out of my Vitamix jug with a straw (so I don’t need to lift it to my mouth and it saves on washing up).

I think I’ve known I’m lazy for a while, but I wouldn’t admit it to myself. Let alone the WORLD!

I guess because I saw it as a bad thing. Recently, I began to think about this differently…

I’ve realised that my laziness directly contributed to my business success, and creating the life I love. Boomdiggity.

My realisation

It happened as I was travelling in Thailand with a friend. She had been before, and as an incessant do-er she mapped out where to go, while I tagged along not having to think about the logistics of what, where, how or when.

(Obviously, I contributed in other ways with my hilarious company and limitless dialogue about how to do life and business differently. It was after throwing down some of my insights that she made the life altering decision to take a 10 day silent meditation retreat. Yep, my company is THAT good!)

I realised that I’d become a pretty good life hacker choosing to find the simplest, fastest route to achieve everything. Keeping it simple, superstar.

That includes building a successful online business, working about 30 hours a week, that suits my lifestyle perfectly. Giving me the freedom to skip off whenever I choose while still earning money.

How have I achieved it?

It started with the long days and late nights that every online start up entrepreneur faces.

Fuelled with excitement and passion, I constantly tinkered with website copy and code. I’d figure out the latest piece of game-changing software. I’d write reams of sales copy and absorb as much business advice as I could from other online business owners ahead of me.

This is part of the initiation to business success.

But I also hacked my way, choosing the simplest, fastest route to create a business and life I love.

Wherever you are in your business journey, there are 3 business hacks that will take you to the next level if you stay open, curious and intent on learning.

1. The bootstrap hack

When you’re starting out and bootstrapping, learning how to build a thriving business with more subscribers (first) then finding your first clients (second) is essential.

Simply learn from those that have been there before you. Ask questions, read blogs, watch videos – yes.

Because in today’s internet age you can literally learn to do ANYTHING.

My friend taught herself to sew using YouTube videos so she could launch her first collection of women’s clothes (it was a raging success, receiving accolades from Jade Jagger, among others).

But if you want to supercharge that learning, here’s the mega hack that most business start ups ignore.

Learn the latest marketing techniques by subscribing to freebies and programmes presented by experts, and observe their strategy. By dissecting the flow of their sales funnel this can give you a whole bunch of golden intel for your own initial business growth.

What sequence of emails do you receive, how often and when? How is the freebie presented? What’s included inside? How is the copy written – what do you see that makes you want to take action?

Break apart everything from the moment you pop your email in the box to every piece of follow up communication you get after that.

It’s important that you choose to model your work on successful mentors who are killing it in marketing.

I say MODEL not copycat. When applying this to your business you gotta add your unique spin and flavour to avoid coming across as inauthentic. (Prospects sniff that fakery out faster than a grizzly after a picnic).

Also, don’t default to following your competitors (that’s always the quickest route to comparisonitis) – look to the marketers, because they are experts at persuading people to buy.

Only choose the ones that you know for certain are successful and be mindful that not every strategy is gonna work but business success comes by taking risks, being willing to experiment and keeping on trying. Tweet That!

2. The community hack

When you’re ready to invest money into your business (hint: don’t wait, you’re ready the moment you commit to the idea) buy the training programmes and DO them!

Particularly if you want to sell online yourself (hack 1 totally applies here too) and, the programme that appeals to you has a big community of your ideal client audience.

This is a killer hack, I’ll explain by example…

You’ve probably heard of Marie Forleo’s B-School? (if not, where have you been?! BTW, I am NOT an affiliate).

For the uninitiated, it’s a massively popular online training course for women who want to build a business online and create more freedom for themselves. Thousands of women have gone through the training, and there is also a huge community of members.

One of the biggest assets of B-School (apart from the material which is mint) is the community.

The smartest women tap directly into that community and many have catapulted their success as a direct result.

They knew that the typical B-School member is driven to succeed. They shelled out for a high-end training demonstrating their willingness to invest in themselves.

So, these smarties created low price offerings that supported and complimented the B-school training or the needs of the B-School community. In doing so, they completely blew their launches out of the water! They created amazing success for themselves with 5 figure launches and onto multi-million dollar profits. Boom.

3. The bespoke hack

There comes a time when learning from others’ free content and generalistic training from online programmes just won’t cut it any longer.

Most of us online entrepreneurs have graveyards of used (and unused) online training programmes that we’ve invested in over the years. Many are super useful but when it comes to making the biggest impact on your business growth, health, and your happiness, you need advice and guidance that is unique to you. That comes from working with a coach who can give you advice to match your needs for your business, lifestyle, wants and obstacles you face.

What I’m about to reveal may not be obvious… When I started out it wasn’t to me because often the big hitters don’t mention the help they’ve received in their business.

What I’ve learnt is that there isn’t a successful business entrepreneur online (that I know of, anyway) who hasn’t invested thousands in a coach or paid mastermind group. And, they continue to invest.

It’s those who are willing to do that, to admit imperfections and gaps in their knowledge. The ones who realise they can’t do it all alone. They are the ones who are killing it in the online business arena.

Are YOU ready?

If you’ve reached that place where hack 3 is the one for you, check out how we can work together here. We’ll figure out how to build your own version of the perfect business. The one you dreamt of when you started. The one that you love, that gives you your freedom and life back.