3 tips to fall in love with your bizyou ever get annoyed when you see pictures of other entrepreneurs on the beach, up a mountain, by a lake – laptop next to a green smoothie, book on one side, sunset view on the other?

If it P’s you off, makes you resentful and you find yourself thinking

“huh, it’s alright for her…I wish my business let me live like that.”

Then I am here to tell you, you can have a business you love AND a life. But you gotta take control of it first!

I’ve written a lot about this in the past, so I’ve gathered all my best resources together for you in one glorious claim your life back post! You’re very welcome. 😉

What do you WANT?

I totally, absofuckinglutely, 100% believe that you don’t have to keep doing work that drags you down. You can create the business you dreamed of – I know because I’m living that dream and I want you to as well. That’s what lights ME up!

You need to get clear on what and who lights you up so you can create your dream biz too. Hop over here to get the goods on my 4 steps to creating a business which makes you shout YES YES YES.

Just Say No

Ahhh, the little word with the bad rep! Learning to say no in your business (and life, actually) is a game changer.

We’re often programmed to grab any piece of work which comes our way. Our thinking being that you just don’t know what’s coming next. What if the work dries up? What if your competitors take all the good clients?

Read this blog to see how to deal with that particular mindset monster and whole slew of other unhelpful, success blocking thoughts.

Then, take control of your clients

In the first flush of excitement about your new business it’s natural to want to work as much as you can and you love doing it. But that’s not sustainable over time.

And, I know from personal experience that you simply CAN’T. And you shouldn’t. I tried and now I pay the price with chronic fatigue.

It can be a big scary idea to limit the amount of time you give to your biz and your clients but it’s a total must.
If you don’t you’ll end up burnt out, resentful of your work, and not giving 100% to anything.

Find out more about this key part of claiming your life, business and health here.

And if it REALLY doesn’t seem to fit anymore

If you have a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. You’re not fired up about your work the way you used to be. You’re feeling uninspired and the motivation just isn’t there like it was.

Look, you invest a lot of time, sweat and tears into your biz. But here’s the thing, sometimes we just change and grow. And that’s GOOD! So don’t panic, embrace it.

Find out what I’ve done (twice) to make sure my biz still fits me like a glove and how you can lose the guilt of not being head of heels in love with your biz anymore.

A great way to get clear on this is is with a wicked business mentor (wink). Who can not only help you get clear but take action too. ‘Cause without action, aint nothing gonna change!

Over to you

How are things going in your biz? Are you fired up and motivated or drowning in client demands and work which doesn’t light you up?

If you need a helping hand to sort the hell yeses from the oh god please no’s get in touch and book a free Chemistry call with me. Together we’ll decide who and what your keepers are, and how to stop saying yes to the drag you downers.