AcuityI’m a big fan of anything which streamlines processes and saves time (read more here about how I work a 30 hour week)

Plus, when I find something worth shouting about, I do it! Helping other small business owners utilise the amazing WWW so that they can grow their business and spend more time doing what they love is what gets me going.

So, let’s talk scheduling appointments…

It’s usually a royal pain in the ass. Agreed? Especially if you’re a service based business.

If you’re using a paper scheduler, booking your appointments manually and regularly playing email tennis to get your sessions locked in your diary, STOP. Please stop right now!

It’s time to come out from whichever rock you’ve been hiding under and remove that particular business headache for EVER.

The internet is teeming with easy to use, low cost appointment-making solutions that integrate with your online diary. It means you don’t have to get involved in the back n forth. It gives your clients more control and makes the entire process quick and (mostly) seamless.

I used Time Trade initially – which is great. And, I’ve recently switched to Acuity. A system I feel is more robust and well, I just prefer it.

I use Acuity for all of my client session bookings. I love how easy it is for clients to schedule appointments for themselves. There are loads of nifty features so you can stamp your personality all over the customer journey of booking time with you. And, did I mention that it saves me and my assistant HOURS of mind-numbing email tag?

As modern entrepreneurs we want to keep costs low, customer service high and our businesses fit n flexible, so finding profesh solutions that save time and energy whilst wowing our customers is always going to rule.

Here’s how to get started with Acuity:

    • After you sign up, create your appointment types – you can create as many as you like but try not to! Stick to what you actually offer and want people to book. I have appointment options for my 1:1 client sessions, plus my pitch free sessions and free consultations. Take a look at it in practice here


    • Schedule your availability – don’t worry Acuity is BFF with your Google calendar, Outlook or iCal so you won’t get double booked. You can also choose to have a calendar for each appointment type to keep super tight control of your schedule. (Feel free to book yourself a free session with me if you fancy *wink*)


    • Customise your customer journey – I LOVE this feature. Many business owners worry that automating client bookings removes the personal touch which is why they continue to take the long route. But, if you stamp your brand and personality throughout the process, they’ll feel just as cared for, if not more so (because the process is 100x easier). This is the first page my clients see…

Customer journey Acuity
….notice the cool little time zone converter? Another feature that’s soooooo helpful in stopping all that “oh no, 2pm YOUR time?” confusion, more time saved!

    • Customise every communication your client receives from the confirmation email to the reminder email – yes, an automatic reminder email which deffo cuts down on missed appointments and we all need a little nudge some days, right?


    • Set your boundaries early! This front page sets out everything in black and white from the get go. Everyone knows where they are – win win and will save you answering many of the need-to-knows by email


  • Use your unique scheduler link anywhere or you can embed straight into your webpage if you like – super easy

These days, there really is no excuse not to modernise your appointment process and let the internet take on the heavy-lifting. It means you and your clients can get on with doing more rewarding things. Glass of wine, anyone..?

So what systems do you use that have been game changers? I’d love to know, just reply in the comments below and share your secrets!