Are you dreaming of a boho business
You know when you go on a diet and there’s always someone who tries to make you have a slice of cake? Or when you take up exercising they try and persuade you to stay at home with them in the warm instead of going out running?

When people do things like this it’s usually because they’re worried that they’ll somehow lose the you they know and love.

The same can happen when you choose to challenge the status quo career wise.

I overheard a conversation recently. Two people discussing their 9-5s. One of them was expressing a desire to do it differently, to move to an online business – just her and her laptop. Her friend immediately told her she was mad for even considering it.

He asserted that the online world wasn’t real. That she wouldn’t be able to make money because there was nothing tangible she was “selling” and that she was better off staying in her J.O.B. “Anyway” he said, “what would I do without you?” BINGO fear of losing her!

What did you say?!

I have to admit I was a bit shocked. I’ve been running my own service based online business since 2009 so I’m pretty seasoned. Plus I have several friends and mentors with successful online businesses too! But then I thought about this some more and realised that, for some, the life and business choices that WE have made must seem totally bizarre and frickin’ scary to others.

(See the image above? That was taken while I worked from the beach in Thailand. That may seem so far removed from most people’s lives and a little scary to some but it’s what I love, and many of my clients aspire to have the same flexibility in their business  too).

There’s also the common thinking that the employed, 9-5 way of working is the only way. It’s how most of us are brought up: go to college, graduate, get a salaried job. It’s how our predecessors did it. The trodden path. (I’m not saying the 9-5 is wrong. For some people it’s enough, and that’s totally ok!)

To do it any other way is risky. It raises questions like ‘How are you going to make it work?’ ‘How are you going to actually make money?’

And yet, here we are

But us… we’re an unsatisfied and unconventional lot. We feel that there’s something more. There’s an itch to be scratched. We want to stretch the boundaries of convention a little…

We’re driven by passion which often means we work way too many hours, are pre-occupied with work, and are regularly found jabbering with a glint in our eye as we describe our ‘latest, greatest, money-making’ idea to our baffled nearest and dearest.

Actually the modern way of running your business does NOT include regularly working until 2am.

It doesn’t include missing out on time with your friends and family.

And it doesn’t include making yourself sick with stress and long hours. Been there, done that, got the CFS to prove it.

(If running your business sounds like this then speak with me – I can help you get the control back to create the business you dream of).

It doesn’t have to be lonely or scary either

Whether you’ve already made the leap and you’re feeling isolated or lonely or if you’re considering it and frustrated that no-one gets it, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s head back in time to 19th century Paris – bear with me, I promise it’s all going to make sense. Groups of artists, writers, musicians and actors, essentially like minded people, began to hang out together. It was the start of the Bohemian culture.

They were associated with being unorthodox, people didn’t get them. But just look at what came out of that – the most amazing art, music and literature which are now rightfully seen as the masterpieces they are. (Do you see where I’m going with this?!)

It’s ok that others didn’t get the Bohemian movement. And do you think they cared? Did Lord Byron give two hoots? (mad, bad and dangerous to know, my kinda guy!) Or were they too busy hanging out with people with the same vibe, creating whatever they wanted and having fun?

Back to today…we ARE the modern day Bohemians! Our businesses are our art and we’re breaking new ground with the way we work. But, not everyone gets it. And that’s ok.

So, what to do?

For a start, do yourself and your loved ones a favour; quit trying to explain to those who don’t understand and go and find your group of Boho Chic peeps who DO get it.

Here are some places you can try…

  • Join business groups online. Check out people you admire on social media and see where they’re hanging out. For example, there are loads of free groups like this on Facebook, or try getting involved in a Tweet Chat on Twitter. Plus, there are monthly paid online membership communities too.But to make the most of these groups do NOT just lurk in the corners – introduce yourself, get involved. If you stay invisible how will anyone know that you’re there?
  • I’ve talked about cafe working before. It’s totally acceptable now and popular for a really good reason! You can connect with entrepreneurs on a similar career path as you, at all different stages.
  • Consider working with a business mentor (like me!) or join a mastermind group.I LOVE working in groups because you get so much input and accountability. Not only from the coach or mentor but your new best buddies too. A rising tide raises all ships!Hiring a business coach was one of the smartest moves I’ve made to teach me how to reach the next level of success. You might think you know everything you need to know to make your business work but there isn’t a successful entrepreneur I know (or have heard of) that has done it entirely by themselves.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

Remember, this modern way of running your business is all about FREEDOM. The way I see it, you come first in your business. When you work this way you can create the lifestyle you want PLUS be the best you can be for your clients. Win win, right?

And, in organising yourself and your biz in this smarter way the positive impact will ripple through your life – your friends and family will feel the positive impact, heck even the WORLD!

Did this ring any bells for you?

If you’ve found yourself nodding along, if a spark has been lit “YES! Someone gets me!” and you feel like you are ready to do this, for realz, then get in touch. Book a free Chemistry Call with me and we’ll discuss the next steps you need to take to make this YOUR reality.