Is your biz still a good fit?
You’ve invested a lot into your business, time, money, late nights and most likely, tears. But do you ever feel like, well, it just doesn’t seem to fit anymore?

Like when summer fades and you get out last year’s jeans which you LOVED, and made your legs look hot, if you say so yourself. But wait, now they feel all wrong? They aren’t YOU enough. Something’s changed…

You have a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. You’re not fired up about your work the way you used to be. You’re feeling uninspired and the motivation just isn’t there like it was.

What the H is that all about?

How IS that? I mean, you’ve built a business you’re proud of, it makes money, you have responsibilities to your clients, your reputation, maybe you have staff – it’s your business baby! So why do you feel trapped?

No doubt, this can be freakin’ scary.

You question if it’s all worth it, that if you’re not passionate about your business any more, then what? Does it mean the end of the road for what was once a huge adventure. Is the road now leading back to a paid J.O.B?

So, you brush those thoughts aside and label it as a passing phase.

Yet, find yourself daydreaming of showing up bigger, differently, of changing things up and it excites you. You feel disloyal somehow to acknowledge that maybe your business just doesn’t fit you anymore. It’s like splitting up with your childhood sweetheart.

You think: “Who am I to think I could change course, offer something different? That’s crazy!” (Or is it?)

It’s a HUGE growth opportunity

What I’ve learnt since I started running my own show in 2009 is that it’s one of our biggest opportunities in life for personal growth. To create business success we strengthen our personal boundaries (I can’t turn them down, I want everyone to like me) and face our fears (me, present to an audience of 200? HELL NO!). We’re challenged daily to know ourselves, to shine a spotlight on our shit that holds us back.

Whether that’s:

  • fear of rejection (“people will laugh at me!”)
  • lack of self worth (“I can’t charge that much!”)
  • low self esteem (“I haven’t got anything different to offer that hasn’t been done already”)

We change, grow and develop as people, and as we navigate that journey so does our biz – and that’s ok! Actually, more than ok. MUCH more! It’s necessary, exciting, brilliant, scary and inspiring!

(Sidenote: Truth is, you can have all the business savvy and strategy at your fingertips but if you and your personal shit are blocking the way, growth and profits will not come).

I’ve pivoted my own business not once, but twice.

From Virtual Assistant to Social Media Consultant, and most recently to Modern Lifestyle Business Mentor.

Each time I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide: TIME TO CHANGE!

  • I sat with the internal niggles for months.
  • Asked and listened to what my clients and prospects needed, then tweaked the way I worked.
  • I gained the experience and knowledge required so that I had solid offerings that got results.
  • I asked for help, invested in training and coaching until I was confident that my direction was the right one
  • Then slowly, I transitioned step-by-step

And, when I think about it now. The leap and pivot from each stage wasn’t so different as the chance I took going from employed office worker to modern entrepreneur. I did the due diligent groundwork first, then took the leap (because at some stage you just have to).

As I’ve gone through my professional growth spurts, and personal life experiences I discovered a different approach to living and running a business, which is what I now help my clients to do too. One where you come first. The traditional way of working: 24/7, no holidays, being totally consumed by work – is outdated and unhealthy.

For me NOT to help people with this, and say – continue with my VA support – would be a massive disservice to them AND me because I believe that we all deserve the life and business we dream of. (You can read more about that here)

So what can you do when you recognise that your business is ready for change?

Recognise what is going on for you

Explore it. If you’re flip-flopping between the safety of your current role and the call to something bigger, pay attention. You’ll feel it in your body, the passion pulls at your belly while your logical brain tries to keep you sensible. You’ll resist the emotional pull, tell yourself it’s silly. That there’s too much involved, too much at stake, and a billion other excuses why it’s a bad idea.

You’ll have loyalty to your current biz. A desire to stay in your comfort zone where you know you’re safe. Well, I’m gonna call you out on that one: your comfort zone is where ideas go to die, girlfriend.

You can do that push-pull forever. Or you can listen in.

Get it all out of your head

Whether that’s paper, in a coaching call, over a G&T with a business buddy, whatever works for you. And, keep doing it. Working with a mentor or coach who can help you make informed decisions and navigate the potholes is one of the most valuable investments to make when you’re looking to expand your business horizons.

If necessary, get the experience and knowledge you need that will support you in what you plan to offer. That doesn’t always mean taking the conventional route of getting more qualifications (although it may do). It could be by offering your service to test groups or running a smaller, paired down trial version of that bigger thing you wish to create.

When I went from Virtual Assistant to Social Media Consultant, I took training to really understand the online marketing landscape. I also tried and tested techniques on my own business before confidently offering it to others (at a low rate).

In the 18 months I’ve been working with clients one:to:one, I’ve continued to learn, train, and invest tens-of-thousands of $$$$ on personal and professional development which has led me to a better understanding of what my clients need to reach their goals too.

Watch the entrepreneurial curse!

We love something new and shiny, and completion isn’t always a strength of the modern entrepreneur. There’s a lot of ‘rinse and repeat’ to business success (doesn’t exactly sound exciting does it?!) so question yourself: is this pivot a distraction from what really drives you? Talking this through with a mentor or coach who’s been there will definitely help.

At some stage you just have to JFDI (Just.F’ing.Do.It.)

A fave mantra here at HQ. It’s a principle I applied to my latest evolution to Modern Lifestyle Business Mentor.

There will never be a perfect or right time to JFDI – so leave the perfectionism at the door and leap in. Before you’re ready. It will bring up fears of being judged – that’s ok. Staying safe is easy, and will keep you stuck where you are, unsatisfied and unfulfilled (and from that space how can you possibly offer your best to clients, customers, your loved ones, and you?)

It may take time but once you commit, get on with it. My website and rebrand took less than 2 months from planning to launch, but it was a year overdue while I figured out how I wanted to position myself. Was it perfect when I launched? Hell no! But it was done, and that ALWAYS wins over perfect in my book.

The transition

For others to want to work with you they need to understand what you have to offer, and there is a transitional phase that goes with that.

Your community needs time to catch up with where you’re at, so be patient. For many months after I stopped offering VA services, I continued to be labelled a VA. It was sometimes frustrating but I took it as a sign that my transition was not yet fully complete so what did I need to do to move that forward some more? The process starts with you: Own it, believe it, vocalise it.

Be confident in the change you’re making and deliver it. Your community will follow.

Most will stay and share your excitement. Maybe you’ll inspire some to do the same (how cool is that?!) Some will go, of course – that’s ok. It won’t be for everyone, but we can’t be all things for all people, right?

This bit’s all about YOU

I believe that the more YOU you can be in your business, the more passion you can bring to it, the more you will find the right people to work with, and the happier you will be in general. With the kind of work which lights you up and makes you feel so happy and grateful to be doing it that it mostly doesn’t even feel like work at all. If that sounds too idealistic to be true, tell me – isn’t that the reason why you started this gig anyway?

If you feel the call to change, and you don’t take it you aren’t opening yourself and your biz up to the bigger, more exciting possibilities ahead for you – bummer.

So instead of trying to squeeze into last season’s shoes – embrace the change, feel excited, leap in with both killer f*cking stilettos and own your change!

Over to you…

How about you? How has your business evolved over the years? Do you feel the pull for change? And, if so what will you do about it? I’d love to hear – share your experience in the comments below so that we can all learn together.

Need a little more help?

If you’re ready for your next biz incarnation but not sure how to do it, let’s talk! Book yourself a Chemistry Call with me (it’s free). We’ll push past the what ifs, fears and doubts and find the pearls of new ideas. I’ll give you your next clear steps to take to evolve your biz into one you’re head over heels in love with.