Struggling to make a business decision?I’ve just returned from a life-changing trip to Bali. As idyllic as it was, it was a tough decision to get there.

Bali has been on the top of my travel bucket list for a year or 2, and has kept cropping up in my mind as somewhere I wanted to be. I’d come close but had never quite made it.

Within a day of returning home to Ibiza after a month in Thailand (my second trip there in 3 months) and a 33 hour long journey by speedboat, mirror-ceilinged taxi-van, and 3 planes, I decided to travel back East.

When I think about just those facts I have to admit it seems pretty f’in nuts. I don’t suffer with jet lag so I can’t blame my thinking on that!

How I made my decision, the internal challenges that nearly stopped me, and the impact all of this has had on my life and my business are pretty huge.

And my Bali story acts as a cool backdrop to demonstrate what I mean.

This is not a pretty picture tale of my travels (although I’ve included some pictures anyway!) This is the story of how I came to my decision so that I can help you with your own big decision making.

I’ll be honest – It was not an easy one!

But often what your heart desires defies logic, and I’m getting more comfortable listening in and being guided by that when making decisions about my business and life overall.

In doing so, my life is becoming richer, and more satisfying. Plus it’s having a massively positive effect on my business – in terms of the service I provide my clients, its direction, growth, and profits.

And now the next time you need to work through a difficult decision when your heart says YES and head says NO you’ll have the practical tools to figure it out.

Here’s what happened…

A friend I met in Thailand sowed the initial seed, telling me: ‘come hang!’
It was the morning I’d just returned home in Ibiza after a month long work-cation in Thailand.

My initial reaction was that it was impossible and a stupid idea.

“I wish!” I thought.

I mean how could I? I’d just arrived back from a month in Thailand?

So my mind said no.

  • Not because it’s a long, complicated journey
  • Not because of financial implications
  • Not because it would disrupt my business

With a little research into the logistics, I could decide if it was do-able from that perspective.

So what was it that made me think I couldn’t do it?

It was because I was worried about what others would think of me. Especially my clients.

  • People will think I’m crazy and indulgent
  • My clients will resent it and may think they’re just a meal ticket for my ‘extravagant’ lifestyle
  • It will look unprofessional or irresponsible
  • I’ll be judged for showing off

Of course, I didn’t know if any of those thoughts were true. Maybe some people would think that of me but how could I be sure?

And, when I looked more closely I realised there really wasn’t anything stopping me from going other than my limiting beliefs. Beliefs which may or may not have been true.

So why not do it, if that’s what my heart desired? I’ve consciously created a life that enables me to do exactly that. And yet there I was NOT doing it based on something which may not even have been true – now that IS crazy!

What were the facts?

What I do know is that the majority of my clients want to work with me because they want more freedom for themselves.

They see the business and lifestyle I’ve created, the challenges I’ve overcome. They are inspired by it and want my help so that they can do the same. Who’s to say that me heading off again won’t motivate them (and you) to further reach for their dreams?

I had to work out the financial and logistical aspects before making my decision final. My work schedule needed a little juggling, and I was happy with that as long as it didn’t disrupt my clients – they and the work we do together are always my priority.

I was satisfied that the work with my Dream Maker and Change Maker clients wouldn’t be affected, and I could still be there to fully support and guide them while being away.

So I did it (and it was life changing).

My amaaazzing Bali trip

Why am I telling you this?

Because in describing my experience of how I came to my decision, I wanted to show that despite the perception that I ‘have it all worked out’, I continue to deal with and get challenged by my own shit on a regular basis!

So next time you make a decision and automatically dismiss it as impossible or silly before you’ve thought it through fully. Explore why you think it.

What are your reasons for saying no?

Are these reasons factual and true or are they what you believe to be true (there’s a world of difference)?

What are the reasons behind your decision?

Are they real reasons or excuses?

Are they based on pure logic or are they fear-based thoughts (like mine where)?

From there you can make a more informed decision based on your desires rather than your limiting beliefs.

Try this

It’s action-time! grab a pen and paper (old school style) and give this a go…

What would you really, really love to do in your business? It might be to work 4 days a week, to be location independent (like me!), or to handover some of your tasks to an assistant.

What thoughts immediately leap to mind? Write them down, keep writing until you have ALL of the reasons you can’t currently do what you want.

Now separate them into two lists. Factual and Beliefs. And (just like I had to do) start to objectively look at your lists – are the reasons based in fear (of being judged, of losing face, of failure)? Or are they logical?

I’m willing to bet my Balinese Rupiahs that there are a chunk of limiting beliefs in there – those suckas creep in everywhere

One way to bust though fear is with cold, hard, logic. Apply a bit of logic to fear and watch it melt away like ice-cream on a hot day. Tweet that!

I help my private and mastermind clients recognise the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck in their business. We replace them with logic, and clear, actionable steps to move through them.

How you doing with it?

If you’re struggling to lose your limiting beliefs, grab yo’self a free chemistry call with me. We’ll discuss how you can start to challenge your status quo and start to move towards the business (and life) you love.