My recipe for business success

Psssst. Want to know the secret to having a successful business?

All you need to do is create THIS funnel, or use THESE ads, or THIS email template then manifest – no REALLY manifest it, like you mean it.

Got that?

Just kidding!

How many times do you see these kinda claims all over social media and the interwebs?!

The truth is there is no one single thing that creates a successful business.

Whether your personal vision of success is earning multiple 6 figures, working 4 days a week, or having the freedom to jet off to Bali when you fancy it…ahem *sips cocktail*

After nearly 7 years doing my own thing, I’ve found that there are some things that you absolutely can not ignore if you want to create longterm success quickly. They are the secret doorway to finding that road to life and business happiness that us modern entrepreneurs are all hunting for.

How do I know? Because I struggled the hard way, and spent longer than I would have liked to find that door. So listen in to what I would tell my previous self given the chance…

A massive opportunity to grow

Running your own business can be one of the biggest areas of personal growth ever.

IF you’re open to it.

On a daily basis we are confronted by our own shit and insecurities.

We may not have realised that when we signed on the dotted line of entrepreneurship, but here’s the pay off. If you’re prepared do the work you’ll enjoy a more fulfilling life and business and that’s gotta be way worth it!

It’s my belief that you can have a rock solid business idea, the best sales and marketing strategies coming out ya wazoo, and no viable reason to fail. BUT if you’re standing in your own way because of your limiting beliefs and personal crap, you’re never gonna get the success you desire. Guaranteed.

Gay Hendricks calls this the Upper Limit Problem. We all have them, even Oprah. So approach business and life with curiosity and stay open to continued growth.

Great starting places that work for me are:

  • a daily gratitudes practice (at least until being grateful everyday becomes habitual)
  • journaling and meditation
  • working with a life or business coach
  • Danielle la Porte’s The Desire Map
  • Brooke Castllo’s Self Coaching 101

Tame the business beast

On the theme of continual personal growth, here’s what intrigues me. That we are drawn to learn most about the subjects we’re interested in and ignore the crap out of what we really NEED to learn.

Give me the choice of learning the art of seduction with Kitty Cavalier or financial budgeting, and I know which I’d choose all day long…

For many of us, business foundations are defo among the drier topics. The ones that we avoid most or take shortcuts with.

For example, learning the intricacies of sales and marketing may sound super dull to you. Besides, how hard can it really be to set up stall (your website) and let your business idea take flight? Everyone’s at it so surely it’s a cinch!?

So naturally, you try taking shortcuts and learn as you go. That’s until you’ve spent a year or 2 struggling uphill.

You thought by now you’d be blissfully working-from-home-in-cashmere-loungewear.

The reality is you’re surrounded by dirty laundry, and regularly break into the penny jar to treat yourself to Starbucks.

The quickest way to make your business dream real is to tame that beast, and learn how to manage it like a boss.

How? By investing in your business education. Whether that’s with online training like Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life and Business Academy, private coaching or a mastermind group.

Who IS she?

How can you sell your stuff if no-one knows you exist? And even if you go sprinting out of the gate with gusto, if you haven’t got the reputation or earned the trust of a community who wants to buy, you ain’t gonna sell shit.

So many new business ideas flop as there hasn’t been enough pre-launch marketing or promotion. Mostly because of that pesky little myth going around:

“If you build it they will come.”

It’s a LIE!

When you’re starting out or have a new product or service, building your reputation and community of potential customers is your primary objective. Bring your focus here because if you get that right, then you’ll reach your overall objective of SALES.

This starts with really getting to know who your customer is. And, I mean REALLY KNOW her. Not just making up a fictitious character, calling her Katie, and imagining her life.

You have to get SUPER DUPER clear on who she is and what she faces on a day-to-day basis.

This is an area I work hard on with my clients until they really get it. Once this is clear, everything else starts to fall neatly into place.

The old S&M combo

Sales and marketing, of course. You can have amazing marketing strategy but if it doesn’t dovetail into an equally amazing sales strategy you’re only ever gonna scrape by. Best case scenario, you get lucky initially but long-term success needs robust marketing and sales. Fact.

Just step back a sec to imagine me shouting this from the highest mountain top {cue Sound of Music soundtrack}:

Make it easy for customers to find you and buy from you!

Can I offer you a dose of tough love, sweets?

If you’re hiding your greatness under a rock (in other words, expecting clients to just, y’know, stumble across you somehow as if by chance) then your business will fail at some point.

For online businesses a decent strategy may include behind-the-scenes auto-responder emails with automated upsells, all neatly wrapped up with a free webinar and strategic Facebook ad campaign.

For service based business it could be presenting on stage with a free opt-in offer at the end of your talk, and a tight follow up strategy via email to convert your leads.

That’s just 2 examples but there are endless fun, exciting choices you can create that work, and I love brainstorming workable solutions with my clients. But know this:

Whichever type of business you have, prospecting via email marketing is like, a 100% non negotiable strategy. So for the love of gin start with that and don’t neglect it.

KISS selling (Keep.It.Simple.Superstar.)

Der! You can’t have a business without something to sell.

Whether it’s your expertise or a product you’re selling, instead of over-complicating everything just focus on one thing. Decide on what this one thing is, do the numbers and market the sh*t out of it.

Start with a realistic and honest calculation of how many units you need to sell, plus think about how many people you’ll need to reach to do that. This will give you enough info to determine if your idea can be profitable, and exactly how much work is needed to make that happen.

Focusing on one offering plus being clear on where you are going, how to get there, and what it will take means you can work confidently towards that goal.

Without crunching the numbers your thinking will be foggy around what it will actually take to make your idea a success so you’ll never be fully invested in it (even if that’s a teeny-weeny seed of doubt in the back of your mind). And, that will affect your confidence, which shows in your marketing and sales conversations.

When I first started out in business, I missed this step out and it’s a common theme with my clients too.

Now it’s an exercise I do often, and it’s one of the first places I go with my clients during my 6 month Change Maker mastermind and Dream Maker private mentoring experiences. Because when you’re armed with this info you know your destination, then we can map the route to get there more easily.

Only when you’ve created success once, can you set about replicating that, by repeating what you’ve done before, or branching out to sell other products or services.

Support network

Running your own business can be really isolating.

ALL the responsibility lies with you and when starting out, half the time we’re just winging it (afterall, isn’t that what angels do?)

Your family and friends love that you’re at home all day for deliveries and long chats over coffee but they don’t actually know what it is you do.

What’s more, when it comes to talking about new ideas or challenges they’re not really equipped to share your excitement or help you figure out your next move.

Then there’s the accountability, or lack of it. It can be easy to let the pressure of making it work turn into overwhelm which can freeze you into inaction. Worse still, there’s no one tapping you on ya shoulder expecting results from you.

And all the pressure of the isolation, big decision making, troubleshooting, responsibility and overwhelm can get to be at best a real bore, at worst a failed business. Eeek!

That’s why you want to get a support network of people who really get it and what you’re going through. Who can support you when things get too much, celebrate your successes, hold you to your word, and call you out when you’re not pulling your weight.

Because you can’t do it all alone. No one has before you and no one EVER will. Besides it makes your business a WHOLE lot more enjoyable when you have people who really understand you can share it with.

My Changemaker mastermind group is one of the perfect places to grow your business with the support of others. I love watching how my ladies get to really understand one another. This leads to them supporting each other through the tough days, and celebrating the wins. And with that kind of belief behind you, you’re setting yourself for success. It’s proper heart-warming stuff, with balls.

My recipe for success

I may not be a renowned cook (although, I make a mean egg breakfast) but I DO know that the combination of all these ingredients is the recipe for business success!

So here’s the recap:

Step 1: Mix a healthy dose of curiosity for business and life with an open mind to continuous learning.
Step 2: Separate the mixture. Learn what you NEED, not just what grabs your interest
Step 3: Add a healthy portion of reputation and community
Step 4: Beat in some S&M, in a serious way
Step 5: And the icing? Find a support network

Boom – delicious business success!

Over to you

How do you make yours? I love hearing others’ biz stories, hit me up in the comments below and tell us what steps you take regularly towards success. Or, if you’re just starting, what’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?

Still looking for your perfect mix of support and accountability? Book a free chemistry call with me to see how my Changemakers mastermind group can help you and your business soar.