You don't HAVE to bare all to be seen online (here's what to do instead)

If the thought of baring all on social media makes you want to hide under a big rock, for a long time, with a strong drink. I have good news for you!

You can still show yourself, your personality and your brand without compromising on your personal life or privacy.

Privacy is a hot topic, and in the modern world it can feel harder than ever to keep hold of a bit of it for yourself.

How much should you show?

So how much should you share about your personal life online? Is it really necessary at all? Can you achieve success online without exposing intimate details about yourself? And, how much is too much??

Some people are happy being totally, 100%, warts and all open on social media. Check out Leonie Dawson to see what I mean.

  • The benefit – people know exactly what they’re getting and they either love or hate it. When they love it, an emotional connection is made because you become relatable and human to them. They get to like, know and trust you, and that’s when they become your biggest fan or client.
  • The downside – those haters are gonna shout it all out! They will walk with their feet, maybe even judge, ridicule or complain before flicking you the birdy in disgust. But that’s ok, if they don’t ‘get you’ they’d never want to work with you anyway so let them find someone who resonates with them and we will ALL live happily ever after.

Personally I tip my hat to those who can display an uncensored level of vulnerability to virtual ‘strangers’ online. Too often we are shown only one side of life: The my-life-is-amazing side, so to see this balanced out by my-life-is-shit-sometimes lets us all give a collective sigh of relief that it’s “not just me”.

What’s ok for me, doesn’t have to be ok for you

This level of honesty is too much for me personally BUT my followers do know I left London and my marriage to live in Ibiza with my cat, Humphrey, plus other personal things about me. (You can read my story here)

So why did I decide to share what I did? Because the details of my personal story make me who I am. I’m not doing it for sympathy or dramatic effect. The challenges I’ve faced demonstrate life experience and offer a certain connectedness with those I want to attract into my community, work with and inspire to reach for a better life. It gives context to my message and what I do.

For someone else, sharing that level of info would feel like an invasion of privacy. In fact, when I was in the drafting stages of writing my web copy I received feedback that questioned whether I said too much. Of course, I took that feedback into consideration. I also checked in with myself, trusting my intuition to guide me on what I felt was an appropriate level of personal detail.

So how can you be online without compromising your own privacy boundaries?

The good news is that you don’t have to tell any of it if you don’t want to! You have to be comfortable with what and how much you share. It’s your life, your business, you make the rules and there is NO right or wrong. Just as I used my intuition to help me decide what was enough, you should too.

The secret sauce is showing PERSONALITY.

So how do you do this?

First thing to understand is what makes you YOU in your business.

There will be something which makes you stand out from all the other, authors, massage therapists, entertainers, coaches, fitness instructors or lawyers out there because as a human being you are totally unique!

Why do people choose to work with you ? It’s all down to personality because no one buys from people or brands we don’t like or feel a connection with.

An example

Think about high street coffee shops. There could be five on one street but I bet you have a favourite. They all sell a variation on the same thing but you’ll be loyal to one over another. Some may be national brands, others will be local, and each will have a unique personality.

If your nearest cafe has great coffee but the music is loud and the lighting too dark, you would probably walk a bit further to the one with the hot, friendly barista and the comfy corner sofa in the window. Even if the coffee was more expensive and didn’t quite have the punch you like.

It’s how it makes you FEEL when you’re there.

So what is it about you? How do you make your clients feel? And, it’s not just business related. Why do your friends love hanging out with you? Are you the favourite aunty? Why is that?

If you really can’t think – ask. Drop a note to 3 of your closest friends and ask them what they love most about you. Use your testimonial system with clients to drill down into why they loved working with you.

Once you figure out what it is that makes you special, you can bring that aspect to your online presence.

Whatever it is EMBRACE it!

If you’re a folk singing lawyer then show that side of you, don’t shy away from it. Perhaps you’re a film buff masseuse – don’t hide it, embrace it!

Engage with your online followers and chat about the last festival you went to, or that little art house cinema you discovered last weekend. That’s more interesting than most things I see on my feed AND you aren’t losing your privacy or compromising personal details.

What about you?

Have you figured out what it is that makes you different? I’d love to hear what your special talent or superpower is! Comment below and let me know.

If you still feel like you can’t quite get to what makes you special, it’s ok – I’ve got you covered!

From me, to you – with love

I’ve created a simple 3 step guide to help you uncover your unique personality keywords to attract your perfect-match clients for a more fun, rewarding and profitable business.

It’s called Create Instant Attraction & Make More Money (simply by being your true, authentic self). You can download it here for free.