Do you want to save bags of time on Twitter?

Do you wonder how so many people seem to be on Twitter ALL day and STILL get loads of work done?

Enter Buffer – a handy tool for sending and scheduling tweets in one click and a MASSIVE time saver.

Save time on Twitter with Buffer

Why scheduling tweets is a good idea

You can’t realistically be on Twitter all day. But if you don’t use a scheduling tool your only option is to bombard your Twitter followers with updates in real time when you happen to be online.

That’s really annoying for your followers.

At least, the ones that happen to be on Twitter at the same time as you.

The others will miss your updates. People log in to Twitter at different times so the chances of them missing your bunched up tweets are high.

This will significantly stunt your reach and makes Twitter an ineffective and poor use of your time.

Scheduling some messages to post automatically throughout the day will mean you’re visible to more people, seen consistently and become a familiar sight in your followers’ stream.

It keeps you seen while you’re off doing something else.

Why Buffer is the answer

With Buffer you can browse your favourite websites finding articles that will interest your followers, add them to Buffer and it will do the rest – send them out at a pre-determined time specified by you. Nice!

This is what Leo Widrich of Buffer has to say:

People that start to Buffer their Tweets increased clicks on links they posted by 200% within 2 weeks of using. The amount of retweets doubles on average. Finally Buffer users increase their follower count by 104 followers within 3 weeks on average.

Pretty impressive, right? And I believe him.

I’ve been using Buffer since July 2011 and seen great results myself. But before Buffer came along I used Hootsuite to schedule my tweets. I understood that scheduling was a brilliant way to make the best use of my time while reaching as many people as possible.

If I was starting from scratch I can see how Buffer would have an even bigger impact.

Why I switched from Hootsuite to Buffer for scheduling


  • Because it’s soooo easy



  • I can upload a number of messages with one click because I’ve already determined the send times



  • I can Buffer from my desktop, laptop, email, Google Reader, Android, iPhone or iPad



  • I can Buffer from within


Use Buffer in Twitter


  • and in Twitter, it enables the old style RT (trust me, that’s a v good thing). This feature alone is worth signing up for!


ReTweet using Buffer in Twitter


  • It has it’s own shortcut key so I can hit ‘Alt + b’ in any browser and add the page I’m on to my Buffer



  • It does one thing very well: schedules tweets (oh, and Facebook updates). That’s it. I still use Hootsuite every day but I’ve switched to Buffer to share a regular stream of interesting stuff I find around the web


The types of Tweets to Buffer

Despite all its greatness Buffer does not help you with the social aspect of Twitter.

When scheduling your tweets you have to remember the importance of balancing them with interaction: the conversations, replies and mentions.

I’m on Twitter every day, but with the help of Buffer that real time use has been cut to as little as a few minutes on really busy days.

The types of tweets Buffer is perfect for are blog posts, articles, videos – yours and other people’s.

Avoid buffering anything time sensitive or that is part of the conversational side of Twitter. If you’ve already got your Buffer full of messages, it could be days before your time sensitive message is seen, and no longer relevant. Oops!

What else you should know

Buffer has 3 fee options – the entry level one if free. Give it a go and see if it works for you: Take me to Buffer